Links to Other Interesting Sites
These will change from time to time, and suggestions are welcome

Google  - Just may be the best search engine of them all
Weather Underground  -  Find out about the weather ANYwhere
           Weather Terminology  -  Does your TV weatherperson confuse you?  Get unconfused!
Universal Currency Converter  -  A must for foreign travel, or just to satisfy your curiosity
TerraServer  -  See what your home looks like from outer space
MapQuest  -  When you need a map in a hurry.  After getting the map, be sure to click on the Aerial Photo tab
New York City Tourist  -  Take a virtual tour, including the WTC, as it was
Astronomy Picture of the Day  -  Be sure to check the Archive link for other great pix
          Earthlights  -  Fantastic composite view of earth at night ... APOD page.  
          Earthlights  -  Large, scrollable view
Global Security's Public Eye "Picture of the Week" catalog  -  Click on any image for much more
Aviation Sites  -  Interested in aviation?  Check out these links
How Stuff Works  -  Lots of ads, but the name says it all
E-ZPass  -  Live in the Tri-State area?  Check it out ... lots of interesting info
FirstGov  -  Links to all sorts of information offered by the Feds
          U.S. Postal Service  -  Handy information from your mailman
          Food Safety  -  Info from the Department of Agriculture
          The Digital Daily  -  Timely info from the Infernal Revenue Service
          Library of Congress
          Smithsonian Institution
The Unofficial American Flag Page  -  Everything you ever wanted to know about Old Glory
Comics  -  The "funnies", as they were called when I was a kid
TV Guide  -  See what's on the tube tonight
Cryptome  -  Interesting site: browse at your own risk  :^)
Conrad Capital Management  -  Live on Long Island and need an investment advisor?  Meet Don Conrad